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Relationships Revitalized

Communication Series

Can you feel your stress levels rising, as you attempt to communicate with your partner, but feel as if you are not being heard?

It's Frustrating 
We Hear You

Learn How To Become Better Communicator, Get Out Of The Misery Of Disagreements And Create Long-Lasting, Deeper Relationship For Years To Come...
(...even if you think your budding connection is starting to fade)

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Over 65% of relationships call it quits when they don't feel heard. Our question to you is this:
Are you ready for your relationship to become another statistic?
Since you have made it here today, It's safe to guess that the answer is NO.

How many times have you started your conversations so effectively, feeling adored, leaning closer, matching your partner's emotions and ready to build an intimate connection, only to be hit with an underwhelming reaction, simmering passive disagreement, or being ignored in the mid-sentence Countless!

Now, how did you feel when that interaction ended?

Let us answer that for you – Disconnected, misunderstood, frustrated, disappointed, and constantly stressing yourself over these questions:

  • "What went exactly wrong?

  • Is my partner not interested in me anymore?

  • Am I not good enough to focus my partner's attention on me?

  • Is the spark of our budding connection fading?

  • Does our bond have to keep going like this ahead?"

And before you go down a trail of upsetting thoughts and deprive yourself of peace of mind again, let us comfort you by telling you that you're not alone. You deserve to feel heard, respected and loved.
While it may seem like a losing battle, the presence of conflict is a sign that something different needs to happen. 

It is possible to navigate these difficulties, with a little guidance.

A combination of 25 years of experience, and spending countless hours on
understanding the ins and outs of how to engage in a healthy communication dynamic... We've created a tried-and-tested, the most comprehensive course to assist all the couples like yourself navigate through difficult conversations without triggering defensiveness. Hundreds of other couples have already leveraged our ultra-simple, cutting-edge tools to become better communicators and revive their lost relationships.

Wondering Who's The Inspiration Behind This Incredible Course?

Meet The Facilitators: 





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Ronnette White, LCSW-S

Ronnette White, LCSW-S, LISW-S is a therapist with over a decade of experience, who is licensed to practice & supervise in both Ohio and Texas. 

Mrs. White considers herself to be an emotion informed behavioral therapist. She utilizes her training to bring awareness, education, insight and encourage change, as needed for clients who seek a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how their past may be influencing their present and future in harmful ways. She strives to improve the self-esteem, self-love as well as, healthy relationships with self and others.  

While working with Mrs. White, clients are met with a non-judgemental environment where they can address their current & past traumas, relationship distress, life transitions, and couples/marital therapy needs.  She is an inclusive provider. 

IMG_0042 copy.jpg

Zahara Williams, LCSW-S

Zahara Williams approaches therapy with the ideology that life is a culmination of interconnected parts. Feelings stem from experiences, experiences influence perceptions, and subsequently guide many of the decisions one makes in life.


When couples experience stagnation or challenges, it may be connected to an array of life experiences. This may lead to a challenge with seeing beyond that which is. The subsequent result may serve as a breeding ground for emotional and physical pain, challenges in interpersonal relationships and unresolved grief.


As a clinician, her goal is to assist clients with exploring these connections, dissecting their point of origin and collaborating with you to develop a viable strategy for resolve.


Relationships Revitalized: Communication

This much-needed, self-paced course is designed to help struggling couples engage in a powerful and intimate transformation and get out of their confusion, overwhelm, and misery of having no clue about taking charge of their communications.

To finally gain clear insights to resolve a conflict at its core, discover the hidden layers beyond every argument, and create a supportive environment between their home's walls by examining every known and unknown aspect of their and their partner's psyche.

In this easy-to-follow training program, you'll get insider access to our proven techniques, tips, tools, information, and literally everything you need to effectively articulate your thoughts, feelings, and needs to your partner and achieve a tranquil relationship.

It’s NOT a Course, It’s a Complete Roadmap to Fulfilling

Unlike others out there, this program isn't just another vague information that you can get and never understand to implement.
In fact, this course is so powerful and actionable that it will empower you to address overwhelmed past challenges and current stressors that get in your way of building the deeper, long-lasting connection you desire.
You see, sometimes what many couples argue about is just a superficial symptom and forget about the rest of the triggers.

After getting this course, we'll help you consider what you can't see so you can get a comprehensive look at your problems.
You'll be able to figure out how to convey your feelings to your partner so that further arguments can be avoided.

And finally, get in touch with them on an inner level to encourage a meaningful change.

End Result? You will break free from spending your days in constant agony and frustration and create a fulfilling relationship for years to come.

Here's a Gist Of What's Inside This Course:
✔Practical changes and steps that you can start implementing from today
✔A chance to reflect and diagnose what's preventing you from articulating your thoughts, feelings and needs
✔Essential Tools to have next-level conversations that will take you to the next level in your relationship
✔Understand how past life experiences trip you up and how the negative consequences of not doing so can influence your present and future in harmful ways
✔Learn from the experts themselves
✔Inside knowledge about maintaining a healthy communication dynamic that you won't find anywhere else.
✔And much, much more!

We've helped hundreds of couples break free from their unhealthy
communication barriers and roadblocks, and now we want to help you too.
The ball is in your court: Will you let us help you? If so, then we're ready
whenever you are. Click the button below to get started!
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The Value of This Program Is Over $1200

But we firmly believe building a healthy communication dynamic and deeper relationships should be accessible to those who need to test the waters, have limited time or resources. So, to help as many struggling couples as we can with this course, we've decided to keep the price astonishingly low.

Before we tell you about the price, take a moment and think about this...
If you went to a couples counseling, you'd pay an average of $200 per session.
Not to mention the time, energy and resources you'd spend attending 6 sessions to work on your communication.

Heck, even 'so-called' cookie-cutter courses on the market are costing an arm and leg that bring little-no-results.

But we’re not going to sell our course for $1200.
(even though we know it’s worth every penny!)

We’re not even going to sell it for half that.

Actually not even a fraction of that.

Because we get, that cost is a lot to put up-front, and you’ve strived hard for quite a long time...

So, for a limited time only, we're offering this course at a one-time price of just $89.

Sounds great, right?
But we aren't just stopping there...
For the people who choose to take action right now, we'll give them an Early Bird 10OFF discount. So, they can sign up for this program at just $79.
Code: 10OFF

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But We Have to Warn You About Something...
We can’t promise how long we can offer this discount..

So, if you want to get access to everything this course has to offer, we highly encourage you to take action today and click the button below to get access to this course while the time is still right...

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